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My boudoir photography empowers women to see their truest self = genuinely beautiful, fearless, radiant and remarkably inspiring!

I tend to attract strong, independent women who are keen to have a boudoir photography session at a significant time in their life.

I offer two different styles of boudoir sessions and everything is planned according with your choice, from the location, make-up and hair style and even suggestions for what to wear and accessories to go with it.

Have a look bellow to find out more about them.

Light and airy!

Most women love light and airy photography and for boudoir sessions this means a soft, feminine and pretty palette.  


You could call it ‘girly boudoir’ and it is also lovely for vintage boudoir styling.

The resulting images are all light and airy and suit a totally neutral palette with an emphasis on details and textures – silks, wools and lace. 


These kind of images are stunning for girly, fun and smiley portraits.   The soft side of a woman.  You can cover up as much as you like – shirts, jumpers, cardies and socks…

You should style your look by focusing on whites, creams and very soft pinks and pastels paired with fresh and natural hair and make-up.


This makes a perfect option for Maternity Boudoir and Bridal Boudoir as well. 

Maternity Boudoir Photography
Boudoir Photography Malaysia.jpg

Dark and Sultry

Female bodies are made to be lit in a dark and sultry way – with light emphasising the curves and shape of a woman. 


This kind of light is incredibly flattering for form and these images are not really portraits or very much ‘to camera’.  


They suit strong blacks, whites and jewel colours – matched with sexy make-up and strong lips if that’s what you love. 

These images are sexy, sensuous and strong – they celebrate the incredible beauty of the female form.

Lingerie should be more daring – strong blacks or bold colours.  Lips are stronger and heels are higher.  I use light to shape and enhance – these images are very flattering for your body and much less ‘to camera’.

The dark & sultry images explore the more secret side of a woman – the one you don’t share with many others.  These are the images that will surprise you the most...

Kuala Lumpur Boudoir Photography

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