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You may be thinking about boudoir photography for yourself, researching or a bridal boudoir gift for your groom and finding yourself a little surprised by the cost of a boudoir shoot. You may have discovered that there are many different ways that people choose to price boudoir photography and so I want to be totally transparent about what you are paying for. The most important thing that you are investing in is actually my time – it takes a lot of effort and skill to make beautiful pictures, both during the capture and afterwards in post-production


There is truly nothing that can bring out your sexy, confident, strong, & beautiful sides all at once like a timeless boudoir photography session. Whether you want to strike a few sexy poses for your groom to be, or you just want to empower yourself with some bodaciously beautiful shots, a boudoir shoot is the way to go and I am the ideal photographer to help you achieve your goals!

Sometimes, these types of shoots can set off the wrong impression, and it’s important to make something perfectly clear: My boudoir shoots are designed to make you, as a woman, feel strong and beautiful, because that’s what every single woman I shoot is, from the inside out. We understand a boudoir-style shoot is a step ‘out of the box’ for many women, and can sometimes feel uncomfortable at first, but it’s always my goal to make you feel as relaxed as possible, so you feel happy, strong, powerful, confident, and adoring toward your own body. You might just be surprised at how quickly you can start to feel comfortable, and even empowered by the shoot itself, and we happen to think that’s awesome, each and every time.

Whether you're a hardworking mother to three or a single boss babe, choose to love yourself in this moment and explore the beautiful adventure of boudoir photography. I help women applaud their everyday strength and empower themselves through self-love and self-expression with fine art boudoir for the modern woman.

Boudoir photography and editing is slow and precise if you want gorgeous results and I will spend many hours at a computer after the shoot so don’t view the cost of the shoot just based on the time I have the camera in my hands!


Working with me is an investment – largely in yourself and the return on that investment will be far, far greater than you can imagine.  Trust me on this – I have seen it time and time again.  Having a read of some of my boudoir testimonials will help communicate what a life changing experience a boudoir photography shoot can be. 


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Find the perfect package

for your session

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I personalise too

Can't find what you are looking for? 

I can customise a package just the way you want!


Bronze - RM1930

-90 minutes indoor session at an airbnb* (booking fees included)

-Professional hair styling and makeup application (at client's residence)

-2 outfit changes ***

-20 edited photos**

-14"x17" (2 inch thickness) canvas print of your favourite image or a leather photo box with the 20 photos printed in 4R size

-Payment plan available


Silver - RM2575

-2 hours indoor session at an airbnb* (booking fees included)

-Professional hair styling and makeup application (at client's residence)

-4 outfit changes ***

-30 edited photos**

-20 pages 12"x12" leather cover fine art album

-Payment plan available

Gold - RM3230

-3 hours indoor session at a hotel* (booking fees included)

Professional hair styling and makeup application (at client's residence)

- Champagne and snacks

-unlimited outfit changes ***

-40 edited photos**

-20 pages 12"x15" leather cover wedding quality album

-Payment plan available

Diamond - RM5970

-Indoor session at a Boutique Hotel* (booking fees included)

- No time limit for the session

-In-house professional hair styling and makeup application makeover

- Champagne and snacks

-unlimited outfit changes ***

-1 change on hair and make-up (not new makeover)

-60 edited photos**

-30 pages 14"x14" leather cover wedding quality album

-Payment plan available


**Includes option to add 4 additional edited photos for RM150 (Normal Price per edited photo is RM75)

*** Prices quoted do not include wardrobe fees.

Please note that under no circumstances RAW images will be released to the customers.



PAYMENT POLICY:  50% down as a non-refundable retainer fee to reserve your time slot for the photo shoot experience, another 30% due at the time of your photo session, remainder 20% to be paid once photos are ready. Payments are accepted via cash or bank deposit. Time slots cannot be reserved without the 50% retainer fee

Photos will be sent to you for selection up to 10 days after your session. You have 10 days to select the photos to be edited an added to the album. Once you send me your selection I will take minimum of 30 days to edit them and make the album. I will then send you the album proof for approval before sending it for printing. Printing will take up to 5 working days.

 If you have an inquiry that does not have to do with booking a time slot, you can email directly.

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