Best way to photograph your kids at home

Kids are fresh, happy and ready-to-go in the mornings. So what better time to take some nice photos of your little ones than right after breakfast?

The light is right as it's just making its way inside the windows and they will for sure cooperate, specially if you make the session extra fun.

I have tried lots of different ways with my 3 year old and this has been by far the best way to get her to cooperate and also enjoy the whole experience.

The first time we did this type of session, after I finished taking all the photos that I wanted she asked me to repeat exactly what I had asked her to do and she also took some photos of me with my phone.

I get it, we can all feel sometimes like it’s harder to take photos when we are stuck in at home, rather than in the great outdoors. But there are loads of opportunities for capturing great photos of our kids indoors as well as out.

Here are some tips to make the session a bit more fun and easy...

Breathe and relax.

Don’t expect too much.

Your child is probably not a professional model.

This means she is not use to sitting still and having a machine flash bright lights in her face.

So breathe, be patient and love every photo…even if it’s not “picture perfect.”

Pun intended…ha!

Create excitement around photo session day.

It’s crazy how much our attitudes affect our kids.

Sometimes it’s just plain scary…:)

If you have a positive attitude and act excited about photo session day, your child will catch the “yay for photos” spirit!

Don’t surprise thet kids with a photo session. Instead, prepare them for it.

I have been using all of her favourite toys and I ask her to lie down on the floor near a window and I place the toys around her head and while I am trying to take her photos I make funny faces or noises to bring out all the cute expressions.

Use window light to help you create brighter and more detailed photos.

Use some simple editing tools to enhance the colours and brighten the photos if needed.

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