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Why did I become a Photographer

It all started back when I was a little kid in Brazil using my mom's film camera. I was always fascinated with the idea of taking photos and always eager to to learn and take photos of everything that I found beautiful.

My mom wasn't very pleased because I used to take a lot of photos and wanted to develop all my films and back then it used to be very expensive to do so.

She used to tell me that I needed to include people in all my photos and not just simply take photos of places and things. To tell you the truth, I almost never listened to her on that matter because some places where too beautiful not to photograph 😊

I had many cameras during my teen years and would experiment with all of them. When I joined University I studied photography for 1 and a half years to learn a bit more and to get in control of my manual settings.

After my first year of Uni, I came to Malaysia to study for 1 year as an exchange student and that's where I bought my first professional Nikon camera (still film camera as it was in 2002) and I also bought my first digital camera. It was a major expense and I remember my mom going crazy with the credit card bill (sorry mom, but it was for a good cause and a great start to my photography adventure 😁).

I've taken many photos and developed lots of film and treasure all the pictures I have taken. I will definitely post some of my first photos soon once I go to Brazil in July. That's the beauty of photography, your memories last forever even when your memory fails you.

So, as time passed, I've started to become more and more interested in photography and my thesis was about photography and how women are used as objects in campaigns. Graduated with honours and that was the starting point to my professional carrier.

Even though I've graduated in 2006, I've only became a professional photographer in 2012. Yes, I know, it took me many years and my husbands support and push to really take the courage to take the next step and launch my carrier as a lifestyle photographer.

A year into this new journey we moved to Malaysia and I had to start all over again. Getting people to know me and my work and slowly making bigger decisions and investments into Fernanda Bhutani Photography.

Today I can proudly say that this was the best carrier move I've made and it has given me so many beautiful opportunities to meet lovely people and work in various locations and adventure into new photography styles. I am a certified professional photographer who specialises in family, lifestyle and boudoir photography.

Thank you for being part of my journey and welcome to my story...

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