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Why do a Boudoir session?


Here are the top 10 reasons why you should book a session:

  1. It's about time you empowered yourself! Revel in your fearlessness and femininity.

  2. It's the numero uno wedding photography trend. This is one gift he won't forget— wink.

  3. Darling, you deserve to feel and look aaahhmazing. Did I say amazing? I meant smokin’!

  4. It's time to celebrate. Life is all about celebrating milestones and achievements. I bet you have one coming up. And if not, let’s make this boudoir session your milestone.

  5. Make someone feel special with a unique gift - Anniversary, Birthday, or Holidays.

  6. All dolled up. Our Glam Squad will get you gussied, so make sure to plan something fun after your session.

  7. See how beautiful you are NOW, just as you are.

  8. Where’d your oomph go? Want to get it back? Want to feel sexy again? Gurrlll, we got you.

  9. Let's stop time and document your youth. Show your grandkids how drop-dead gorgeous Grandma was (and is).

  10. Come as you are-- we want you to thrive as yourself. Simply beautiful, radiant, and inspiring.

Can I really do that?

If you have ever taken a selfie – you surely can.
The difference here is that this time the images will be taken by a professional photographer who will advise you on posing, with professional make up artist to take care of your looks and with equipment that is suitable for boudoir photography way better than any latest phone camera.
We specialize in making you feel as sexy, playful and intimate as you feel comfortable.
We look forward to making you look and feel Simply Gorgeous, Darling!
Remember, it is all about YOU!

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