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A boudoir session with
Fernanda Bhutani

Boudoir, is pronounced “boo-dwahr” or if you are feeling fancy “boo-dwa”. While boudoir is a French word used to describe bedroom,  it has been used to describe a variety of things including furniture, clothing and a genre of photography.  


As a boudoir photographer my style tends to be feminine, flirty and artistic. I will always create a fun and laid back environment and provide you with classy images that reveal your feminine side. Each session is catered to your personality.


The tone can range from sweetly delicate to fiercely sexy, depending on what you are looking for.


I'm in the business of beauty.  I'm not talking about the type of beauty that you smother all over your face and Photoshop beyond recognition.  I’m talking about the beauty every woman naturally possesses.

The women you see on this website are every day (albeit extraordinary) non-model women. They are career women, moms, grandmothers, wives, philanthropists, yogis, bartenders, and lawyers.  They are who you might bump into on a walk to the mailbox or in the school pick-up line. They are not professional models.

The Fernanda Bhutani Boudoir experience is not about a makeover.  It’s about looking like yourself, FEELING like a model in all the best ways, while still being gently guided through your time spent in front of my camera. It’s about the internal transformation. It’s about embracing your authentic beauty, and, let’s be honest, looking really really cool doing it. 

Do it for YOURSELF!  Most clients are celebrating their new start after the end of a relationship or divorce, commemorating a milestone birthday, anniversary or health journey, recovery, creating a wedding day-of gift, or (my favourite) just doing it for themselves! 

I BELIEVE that a Fernanda Bhutani Boudoir experience is for all women.  I believe that it is not about objectifying or sexualising women for another’s viewing pleasure….rather, it’s for the woman doing it for herself. I believe that we don’t need to spend hours in hair and makeup to make you look incredible. I believe that you don't need to buy anything fancy to wear for your session and that what you've got going on naturally is perfect. I believe these images are meant to make you feel proud, strong, badass, cool, and beautiful..there is no feeling like seeing yourself on your own walls every single day. 
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